“Francis Bacon. Journey into the thousand faces of modern human”

The exhibition “Francis Bacon. Un viaggio nei mille volti dell’uomo moderno”, will take place from October 14th 2016 to May 1st 2017 at Ca’ dei Carraresi, in Treviso.

Staged by Kornice Srl, the exhibition try to focus mainly on the controversial production of the artist during his stay in Italy. This is done through the analysis of the “Francis Bacon Collection of the Drawings Donated to Cristiano Lovatelli Ravarino”, together with the quotes of his coeval artists, poets, authors, intellectuals.

A deep artistic, storic and sociological investigation describes and summarizes about 90 between artworks, drawings, pastels, collages on paper, giving the audience the chance to go inside the Irish artist’s mind.


For more informations about the exhibition and the collateral events, refer to the website: www.bacontreviso.it

We leave you a rare interview with the great artist dated 1971:

Video from BairArchives youtube channel.