57. International Art Biennale of Venice 2017

The 57th International Art Exhibition will open its gates from the 13th May to the 26th of November 2017 and it will take place as always at Giardini della Biennale and Arsenale as well as many other places in Venice.

The theme for Art Biennale 2017, chosen by the director Christine Macel, is: “Viva Arte Viva” (a pun with the italian word “viva” that means “alive”, but also stands for a celebrating exclamation: “hooray!”.


As the Director explained, “It is a “yes” to life, although sometimes a “but” lies behind. More than ever, the role, the voice and the responsibility of the artist are crucial in the framework of contemporary debates.

The exhibition evolves following an organic line, more than a thematic one.

It is an ambitious and original concept, political in the true sense of the word: considering Art not as entertainment or mere embellishment, but as the most precious means of formation for the community and the individual.

Christine Macel continues explaining, “Every week, during the six months of the exhibition, the artist and his public will participate to an Open Table (Tavola Aperta) where they can have lunch together and where they can dialogue and talk about the artist’s practice.

Video from bellatrilli on Youtube

Every day, during the weeks before the opening of the Exhibition, a video will be posted on the Biennale official website, giving the opportunity to uncover the artists even before the Exhibition.”.