Viva Arte Viva 57th Art Biennale of Venice

The 57th Art Biennale of Venice will open its gates on May 13, and will keep enlightening
international contemporary art until November 26.
Director and curator Christine Macel chose the title “Viva Arte Viva”, an italian language
which sounds like “long live live art”.
“An exhibit inspired to humanism”, she said; “but not a humanism celebrating man’s dominion on
the world. A humanism instead, celebrating man’s capacity, through art, of not being dominated by
the forces governing the world. In so doing, the man saves himself from the pejorative influence
these forces may cause to the human dimension”.
President Paolo Baratta preceded these meaningful words presenting his Art Biennale as “a free
place for dialogue between both artists, and artists and the public”. In his view these dialogues are
even more than a method, or the mission of the event, but its own theme. And so he concluded,
“the Art Biennale is a celebration of art and the artists, and a tribute to the expansion they cause to
perspective and space in our existence, while they share their worlds with us”.
The pavillons will host art from 85 countries, and 3 of these countries will be at Giardini
dell’arsenale for the first time: Antigua and Barbuda, Kiribati, and Nigeria. Finally, Kazakhstan
will first have its own pavillon.